Perfect Purchase

I made a purchase the other day that is revolutionizing my golfing experience! I bought a Bag Boy Push Cart. This item is awesome. Not only can I save money at the course and not have to rent the courses garbage pushcart now I really enjoy walking 18. It is not only good exercise, but it is about the only exercise I get, so why not make it more pleasant.

First of all the Bag Boy Pushcart has a cup holder, an absolute necessity worth the $100 right there. It also has some bonus features. The piece that holds the score card lifts up so that I can store my lighter and cutter for my cigars, making these items easily accessible and out of the way when not in use.

This cart also comes with an umbrella holder, so I put it on the cart while I was assembling it because if I left it lying around I would lose it, even though I never carry an umbrella. Luckily I did put it on, because the first round I played with the new cart was early in the morning and the ground was covered in dew; terrible conditions for putting a cigar down while hitting. Well, the umbrella holder is perfect because you can adjust the angle so it is horizontal and a smoke slides right in and lays nice and level while you take you next shot. The umbrella holder will hold any size cigar. Perfect! Never been more pleased with a purchase.


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