Gonzalez Tequila Lime Pepper Steak

I know that the summer is over and the grilling season is quickly coming to an end. So, before you close up your grill, throw on one last steak and some Tequila.
Red Stripe Beer
Here is what you need:

1 cup of tequila
1 sliced lime
1 cup of chopped jalapeño pepper
Steak (your preference)

Cooking Directions:

  • Pound the steak for about 2 minutes.
  • Place the steak, peppers and tequila in a bag and marinate overnight, turning occasionally.
  • Remove steak from refrigerator, and stick the sliced limes to the steak with the toothpicks.
  • Throw on the grill and pour the leftover marinate over the steak.
  • Cook to your preference.

Serve with rice or potatoes with a side of pinto beans and tortillas.
Perfect with Red Stripe beer!


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