Goose Island Extra Naughty Goose

While visiting Chicago, I stopped by the Goose Island Brewpub on Clybourn for an afternoon of tastings and incredible conversation with Jared Rouben, the head brewer. While he was off for a bit, giving a bachelor party a tour of the brewery, he popped back by with an imperial aged version of Naughty Goose, their American Brown Ale.

Jaren Rouben, Head Brewer at Goose Island

Extra Naughty Goose, as I said above, is an Imperial American Brown Ale based off of the Naughty Goose from the Heritage Collection. This 10% ABV brew was aged in an Evan Willams Single Barrel Bourbon barrel and, for me, was truly quite a treat (I love brown ales).

Goose Island Extra Naughty Goose

It poured a deep, dark brown—near black—with a 2½-finger of creamy, tan head. Great retention and lacing here, too. The aroma was of dark, intense chocolate. Very sweet, backed by the heat of the alcohol.

Extra Naughty Goose offered a medium-heavy body with light carbonation; the perfect amount to make it incredibly drinkable. Sweet and bitter chocolate flavors hit the tip and sides of my tongue at the start of the sip, and finished with a dry, roasty chocolate in the back of my throat. All in all, it was a lovely balance of bitter and sweet chocolate throughout.

I would most definitely drink Extra Naughty Goose again and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Well done, Jared!


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