Got Vodka? We’ve Got Something for You

We’ve discovered an incredible drink publication, aptly named CLASS Magazine. While “CLASS” is actually an acronym for “Cocktail, Liquor and Specialty Spirits” it’s an incredibly fitting title for a book filled with stunning photography that emanates refined style and sophisticated taste. If you’re at all into cocktails and mixology, it’s a must-read. You feel more cultured and distinguished just flipping through the pages and the content is outstanding.

The editor of that magazine is Simon Difford and he has an awesome drink website called DiffordsGuide. You can search for specific cocktails by name or explore your options by choosing the ingredients you have available. Select “vodka” as your base spirit and you’ll have more than 480 illustrated cocktail recipes at your fingertips.

I entered vodka as my base spirit and ginger beer as my mixer and came up with a recipe for Berry Nice, an intriguing cocktail made with muddled blackberries, Ketel One, Chambord, ginger beer and freshly squeezed lemon. I drooled on my keyboard a little bit just looking at the photo.

I thought I’d pass along the link, just in case you’re looking for some fresh inspiration or awesome drink ideas. Hope you like it!

Note: We’re not in any way affiliated with CLASS Magazine (although we’d like to explore that possibility soon, seeing as they’re so awesome) and they had nothing to do with me promoting them in this post. We just appreciate good stuff when we see it and we wanted to share. Cheers!


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