Great Divide Titan IPA

One of my favorite India Pale Ales to date, Great Divide Titan IPA certainly delivered. The best part is this was the 6-pack I won at Beer Club last week!

Great Divide Brewing Titan IPA

Titan poured a deep amber with a pile of white, fluffy head (although I admit I did pour with just a bit too much vigor… sometimes I just can’t help myself). Its aroma was one of citrusy hops, balanced by bready, caramel malts. Sweet with a citrus kick.

Hops hit hard upon first sip—just what I’d want out of an IPA—but the taste is really well balanced by the sweet malts. Hops taste citrusy with a hint of evergreen, but the flavor smooths out to a sweet, bready malt finish. Titan’s body is medium with a smooth, yet refreshing, mouthfeel.

At 7.10% ABV this might not be definable as a “session” beer but to be honest, this is one I could go on enjoying through an entire evening… whether I could stand up afterward is another matter entirely.

Most definitely recommended.


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  • Rob aka Beer Drinker April 30, 2010 @ 9:09am

    Wow. What a good prize!

    I see that you didn’t screw around either, and just opened two right away. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. Very nice and flavorful beer you could drink all night.

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