Growlers – Not Just for Travel

Filled Growlers for Draft BeerIf you are like myself or many of the customers I talk to everyday, your kegerator is located in some out of the way place in your home. My converted refrigerator is in the basement; great for not making a mess; not so convenient because there are two doors and flight of stairs between my next beer and me. I have cut down on my trips up and down stairs with growlers. If I am going to drink more than one beer, or have a couple of friends for some beers and the game, I fill up a couple of growlers and stick them in the kitchen fridge. To keep filling a little neater and easier, I put a tray under my faucet and use a growler filler to cut down on foam.

A growler will hold four 16-ounce beers, so do the math, and two growlers will hold eight 16-ounce beers. One trip to the basement for every 8 beers significantly decreases my time away from my guests and the game. If you have some beer left over in a growler it will hold overnight in the refrigerator, but I don’t usually have that problem!


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