Guide to Drinking Like a Man

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Guide to Manly DrinksHere’s why: I posted a link to a discussion on manly mixed drinks on our page and a lovely gentleman by the name of Geoff Bronner was kind enough to share a link to an older article from Modern Drunkard Magazine on the same subject. I’m so glad he did. What a fantastic piece of writing! The author starts with “If you’re a man aged anywhere from 21 to 35, I’ve got some sobering news for you. Your Grandmother is a better drinker than you are” and then continues to school the men of my generation on real drinks.

One of my favorite lines references cities like my beloved Buffalo – it reads, “Think a martini is always manly? Try ordering one in a blue collar Rust Belt bar. See what kind of looks you get from the locals.” It’s the honest truth and I love it! Someone needed to say something!

You can (and should) read the whole article here.

It might sound like I’m half joking but I once stopped seeing a guy because of his affinity for chick drinks. That being said, make yourself an Old Fashioned or strap on a Hops Holster loaded with the manliest brew you can find and propose a toast to being a man. A real man.


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