My Valentine’s Was Better Than Yours

Every year for Valentine’s Day, most of the people I know of head to some uppity restaurant, if they were lucky enough to make reservations in time, for an over-priced, rushed meal, accompanied by an over-priced bottle of vino, or two.

Valentine’s Day this year was my favorite ever – probably because it was the most nontraditional and most fun I’ve ever had. According to my man, all of his pals were wishing they could’ve had the same… I believe the overall consensus was “Lucky!”.

Luxardo Marasca Maraschino Cherries 12-pound CanInstead of imbibing in wine or champagne, or heading out to some packed, expensive restaurant, we took a back roads drive to Dave and Busters for 25-ounce steins of Guinness, chicken nachos, skee ball, air hockey and boxing. Man, do I love skee ball. Always have. In fact, it may be a bit of an obsession. Best part is, we won more game credits than we started with, so next time we have double games to play for free. Double the skee ball? I’m in freaking heaven.

Dave, (you know, KW owner), had one really great Valentine’s idea that I didn’t partake in, although I’m sure it would’ve been a blast… perhaps next year we’ll try his “Cover Her in Cherries” suggestion. The 12-pound can of Luxardo Maraschino Cherries should do the trick.

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