Guinness is Good For You. Horses Too.

Derek Ryan, a trainer at Saratoga Race Course, has been mixing Guinness is his horses’ feed for a long time now, with great results. [] One of his horses, Musket Man, finished third in two legs of the Triple Crown and then in last week’s Whitney, finished third overall. I’ve been a longtime believer in Guinness being good for you, and now I suppose I’ll have to add horses to the list. What’s next? Maybe show dogs? Thanks to Mike in customer service for passing along the link. [techtags:GUINNESS, HORSES]

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  • Randy the Janitor August 16, 2010 @ 9:54am

    I actually drank beer with one of those horses last year. I thought we were just going out for some drinks but as soon as he had a beer he started ordering all this food on my tab…the yeast in the Guinness I THINK….is what put him on the “eat it”.

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