The Urge to Surge

Yesterday, between attending my first high school graduation in 9 years (the last one I attended was my own) and subsequent graduation parties, I stopped by Swiston’s Beef and Keg for a classic Buffalo beef on weck and a pint of the good stuff. There was a Guinness sign glaring at me upon entering the pub, so I automatically assumed (wrong) that Guinness was on tap. Usually, when I find out that advertised Guinness is not actually on tap, I choose a different brew. But, when the bartender pulled out a can of Guinness with the word “Surger” on the can, I became a bit excited – I’ve never seen the Guinness Surger up close, in action, with my own two eyes. This would be my first surger experience.

Questions started filling my mind. How exactly does it work? Would it taste and feel like a freshly poured pint of my favorite beer? I watched as the bartender filled a tulip Guinness pint glass with my precious brew, and poured some water over the platform on the surger. She then placed the pint onto the platform, set the surger to the “on” position, and the magic began.

Within seconds, the pint filled with tan, creamy goodness, swirling around, dancing with my dark stout. The result? A near-perfectly poured pint of Guinness. Not exactly like having it on tap, but certainly not like drinking it out of the bottle, and better than pouring a pint from a can with a widget (although, you won’t hear me complaining about the widget – it’s a great solution for Guinness on the go).

Perhaps I should look into picking up a surger for home…


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