The art of brevity is an art I too often ignore. Here, in haiku form, is my attempt to stop that.

Beer is super good.
Seriously, it’s the best ever.
Tastes like rainbow pie.


Ice up the cooler.
Choose your beverage wisely.
Here comes the weekend.


Watery drinks suck.
Large cubes melt with patient grace.
Your taste buds thank you.

Lager or pale ale?
Stout, hefeweizen, porter?
I’ll take one of each!

What’s the drink of summer?
Margarita says, “I am.”
I say, “Get in me.”

Sometimes, I want sweet.
Cherry bubbles, pure perfection.
Cheerwine, I’m your bitch.

What’s your drinking snack?
Mine is deep-fried anything.
I wear a big bra.

Friday night is golden.
Saturday morning is not.
Whose koala is this?

Olympics this year.
They should fill the pool with beer.
I’d show Phelps what’s up.

Drink umbrellas rule.
Instant tropical escape,
without the sunburn.

Hit up the blog comments or Facebook with your best booze-drenched haikus!

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  • Knile May 25, 2012 @ 10:16am

    Cold ones on the beach,
    hiding them from beach patrol
    Darn those med’ling kids!

    Manhattan on rocks!
    Thanks, dear traveling bar set,
    purchased from Kegworks.

    Share a pitcher now.
    Your friends will thank you for it.
    Else, it gets too warm.

    Gin and tonic, please.
    Hendrick’s gin, if you have it.
    One slice cucumber.

    It’s five o’clock here.
    Why am I still at my desk?
    My final haiku.

  • Hannah May 25, 2012 @ 12:09pm

    Knile – I heart you.

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