Hangovers: Remedies and Ruminations

Drunk FightingNot too long ago I used to partake in a hefty amount of alcohol consumption. I would often get hangovers. That still was not enough to keep me away from the strip of bars that were walking distance from my apartment. These days it’s rare that I don’t feel very sick after a few too many drinks. Here is a graphic description of how a typical hangover takes affect along with some visual aids.

First you need to question the things alcohol does to you before you feel all crappy.

1. Karaoke?
2. Telling people you love them?
3. Telling long stories?
4. Fights / Beer Muscles?
5. Trying to challenge someone who is way bigger than you?

DrivingNext is the realization that you have had too much and you will be paying the price. Let me take this opportunity to state the obvious. NEVER drink and drive and NEVER let your friends drive drunk.

I have tried some of those hangover remedies that you find in stores. They don’t seem to help me at all. I have my own tricks and techniques for the pain and sickness:

1. Cool off – getting in a cool room or getting some ice water and a cold cloth for my head really helps, even before the headache starts.

2. Good distractions – play music or TV or something that will take your mid off of the stupid thing you just did to yourself.

Straddle the Couch3. Get comfortable – no matter what it takes, get into a position that settles your body and head down. Go ahead and straddle the arm of your couch if it feels right.

4. Lights out – you know as soon as you can, you want to sleep, so prepare for bed. Sleep is your main goal.

5. Be prepared – get everything you need within reach:

  • Leave vital lights on
  • Make sure the bathroom is clear
  • Keep ice handy
  • Lots of water and whatever you use to re-hydrate

One more thing, make sure you have nothing to do the next day. Chances are you will not be leaving the bed until the next evening.


Good luck!



  • Liz July 7, 2008 @ 3:35pm

    Good tips Shane! Personally, my trick is to place a tall glass (or bottle) of water and 2 Tylenol next to my bed BEFORE I go out, so they’re ready and waiting for me when I get home.

    If you’re anything like me, you’re bound to wake up absurdly early, wonder why the heck you’re up and then fall back asleep. I’ve found that if you take the very accessible drugs and guzzle the water during the initial wake- up period, you’re bound to feel MUCH better the next time you open your eyes.

  • Hannah July 7, 2008 @ 3:37pm

    ah yes… the dreaded hangover. well, in my experience, electrolytes are KEY, so stock up on gatorade or whatever you can to pump them back into your system…. your head and body will thank you!

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