Happy Father’s Day: Buy Dad a Kegerator, Get a FREE Chalkboard Tap Handle!

Beer Dad

Your dad. He’s quite a guy, right? I mean, let’s look at this objectively. He is…:

1. … Biologically integral to your very existence.

2. … A never-ending dispenser of fatherly wisdom about how to carry and conduct yourself in this world.

3. … Always willing to pick you up when you’re drunk (and wait until the morning to tell you you’re an idiot).

4. … An all-around good dude who’s always been there for you and always will.

5. … One of your favorite drinking buddies.

That’s not a bad list. Yeah, it’s pretty fair to say that your dad is the man. So this Father’s Day, why don’t you step your game up? Get him a kegerator!


I know, I know. That’s a big decision. I get it. But, come on, think about it.

Dad loves beer. You love Dad.

Dad loves you. You love beer.

Sounds to me like that adds up to a kegerator.

With a kegerator of his own, your dad will be the coolest guy on the block. (Not to mention the least thirsty). And you’ll be finding all kinds of excuses to stop by and enjoy a pint with your pops, so you get a chance to spend some more quality time together. Plus, it’s beer. Fresh, delicious draft beer…at home. Hell yeah!

Look, if you’re reading this and thinking “Hmm, I bet Dad WOULD like a kegerator, but I’m just not sure…” I’ve got two words for you: Do it! Fresh draft beer at home is a game changer for any enthusiast of the suds. Honestly, it’ll be the best gift you ever give.

And just to sweeten the deal, for a limited time only we’ll give you a free chalkboard tap handle with the purchase of your Danby single tap kegerator! This awesome tap handle (a $41.75 value) is a perfect accompaniment to your kegerator. It looks great, works awesome, and the chalkboard surface makes it easy to keep track of what’s on tap.

chalkboard tap handle

Make him happy. Make him proud. Make him remember why you’re his favorite. This is the year that you do Father’s Day right. Order your kegerator and FREE tap handle now!

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