Happy Hour – It's Friday Afternoon

Ahh, the time honored tradition of stopping off at a bar on your way home from work, on the last day of the work week to share a drink with co-workers and friends. Your favorite watering hole usually has a drink special and maybe some pretzels or popcorn to munch on. You know the bartender can’t wait for the work crowd to filter in to break up the boredom of the early afternoon shift. Pretty soon he’ll be wishing for the quiet bar he had just hours ago when 5 people are trying to his attention for a drink. How quickly things change!

Don’t forget this weekend is the AFC and NFC Championships. The winner of these games go on to the Superbowl. I expect to see Philly and Pittsburgh, a Pennsylvania Superbowl. If you’re having people over to watch the games this weekend and want to serve a something other than beer then you should check out some of the drink recipes at Bartv.com. Be sure to stock up on liquor, mixers, beer and chips before the game – you don’t want to run out at half time!

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