Having a Dinner Party? Use Our Beer and Food Pairing Guide

More and more people everyday are beginning to explore the wondrously complex world of craft and imported beers. As we delve into our journeys, unlocking the flavors of previously unplumbed styles, we desire to enjoy said beers with our meals. The question therefore that begs to be asked is, which foods pair best with which beers?

Mead Paired with Escobar
Mead Paired with Escobar at Merge in Buffalo, NY

My general rules on pairing beer and food are the following:

1. Choose a beer that can stand up to the flavor and intensity of the food you’re eating, but not one that will completely overshadow your dish. If the beer will get lost completely, or if it completely overpowers the food, choose another style.

2. Don’t necessarily try to pair beers with foods of the same flavor profile. Think of flavors that compliment rather than resemble one another.

3. Don’t be afraid to try pairing styles with foods that other people might not recommend; at the end of the day, all that matters is which beer and food combinations taste good to you.

Need a little help getting started? Our Beer and Food Pairing Guide is here for you, whatever the occasion. I even have it bookmarked on my phone so that when I’m buying food to pair with beer at home (or vice versa) I can always be sure that I’m choosing a winning combination. Of course, I’ll never be afraid to experiment with new beer and food pairings, and either should you.



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