Heineken Releases Light-Up Beer Bottles

Heineken ignite bottle

As if cold-activated labels and vortex bottle necks weren’t enough, the Dutch brewing giant, Heineken, has decided that we need light-up beer bottles as well.

The concept, called “Ignite,” was released a few days ago. The light-up bottle is made with built-in LEDs and motion sensors triggered by different sounds and movements. They’re touting it as the world’s first “interactive beer bottle.” It sparks with each sip, lights up with each cheers, moves with the music, and sleeps when untouched.

Currently, it’s nothing more than a concept, and personally, I think it should stay that way. Firstly, I can only imagine the production costs for these bottles, and how those costs would affect consumer pricing, especially at clubs and bars. Secondly, I’m wondering how the bottles might affect the environment; I assume recycling standards would differ drastically.

Lastly and most importantly, I’d like to see a macro brewer market around flavor for once; you know, tell consumers what they’re doing to improve the taste of the beer. While I love cool labels, names, bottles, and commercials, I’d take a no-name beer out of a plain brown bottle, over some cleverly-named, wittily-advertised yellow water.

It’s a novel concept, I guess. I’m just not sure it’s right for large scale distribution. I’d suggest using the bottle for special events and promotions. People love things that light up – remember those light-up shoes all the cool kids had in third grade? We’ll see what happens. If you’re interested in seeing the bottle “in action,” check out the video below.

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