Here’s Why I Love My Urban Bar Spey Whiskey Glasses (the Reasons May Surprise You)

Check out this product review from GirlsDrink.Beer co-founder Tessa Lowe. As it turns out, she drinks whiskey, too!

scotch glasses

Yeah, I’m a huge craft beer drinker. But long before I started kicking back IPAs and barrel-aged-something-or-another, I was enjoying booze that always came from the barrel—whiskey. I was born in rural Kentucky. My relatives made and ran moonshine, so my penchant for whiskey runs deep.

If I’m at a busy bar, a bourbon and water fits the bill. On those other occasions when I have the opportunity to belly up next to the pine, I like to take advantage of the environment and enjoy a nice scotch. As with beer, there are many different flavor profiles, and I bounce around to different styles often. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a mellow Speyside. But most of the time, I’d rather be hit with an Islay whisky. I’m a fan of intense flavor profiles, so I find the intense peat and smoke really interesting and enticing.

When it comes to home decor (or really anything), I’m a minimalist. The one thing that I shamelessly collect is vintage barware. I love finding a new strainer that’s adorned with some elaborate engraving or a unique serving tray that holds my glasses just perfectly and has seen some action. The hunt for antiques is definitely part of the fun, but it’s not always practical or for everyone. While I’d love to be gifted a lovely set of glasses from a barn find, that might not be the best for the wedding gift you’ve been putting off shopping for. That’s where Kegworks’ new line, Urban Bar, comes to the rescue.

bitters bottle

The Urban Bar line is vintage inspired and has all of the unique characteristics of classic barware but are pristine and much easier to obtain than spending two days visiting estate sales. I’m obsessed with everything from the sturdy copper-plated shaker to the beautifully etched glass bitters bottle to the lovely retro coupes. You can outfit your entire bar with all of the essentials to look like a pro with a fondness for speakeasy-style.

copper barware

The Spey Dram Whiskey Glasses have already had plenty of use around my place. When it comes to scotch, serving it in the proper vessel is important. These glasses improve the experience for me by making it feel like something I should slow down and really enjoy. The 4oz glasses are perfect for portion control and realizing that a couple of ounces (or less) can be a drink to sip and savor. The shape is a modern twist on a well-known favorite, the Glencairn whisky glass. With the inward curve near the top of the glass, it can elevate the senses by delivering the aroma where it can be appreciated. The quality can easily be noticed at a glance but picking up the glass and feeling the substantial weight also contributes to the feel of a well-made product.


While I’m not ditching my beer glasses anytime soon, they’ll definitely be on rotation with the whiskey glasses and accessories now that cooler temps are on the way. I’m loving that distilleries and breweries are now trading barrels and experimenting more. You can now find whiskeys that have been partly matured in stout barrels and beer that has been aged in whiskey casks. I can’t wait to experience both sides of those symbiotic relationships in liquid form with a flannel on next to a fire pit. Sounds like the perfect way to appreciate the cooler weather months if you ask me. 

Product Review & Photography: Tessa Lowe, co-founder of GirlsDrink.Beer Website | Instagram | Facebook

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