Hey Look – We’re on TV! KegWorks’ New Commercials

Today is a very important day here at KegWorks – it’s the official launch of our very first TV commercials, two of them to be exact. To say we’re excited would be an understatement. There’s just something really, really cool about seeing your company on television – probably because you know that a lot of other people will see it too.

Considering we’re still a fairly small company, we decided to dip our feet into this whole “big time advertising” thing in a single market and that market is Chicago, Illinois. We’ve also put up a few digital billboards and bridge billboards in and around the Windy City – if you live in the area and you happen to see one, please let us know what you think!

Don’t worry though… if you don’t live in Chicago you can still see our commercials right here on the Internet.

We decided to dedicate one of them to beer and the other to cocktails, considering we love all kinds of beverages and we do sell all kinds of great products for all kinds of drinks.

We were fortunate enough to film on location in a beautiful home. To set up the right shot and capture the perfect beer pour in our first commercial took us about 6½ hours and we ended up dumping a couple of cases of good beer down the drain. Sadly, we just couldn’t justify drinking that much beer in the morning – especially when we had an artistic vision to fulfill! The martini one wasn’t quite so time consuming but it was certainly just as much fun.

Check out the behind the scene photos on our Facebook Page

Thanks to the folks from our ad agency and a fantastic crew, we had an absolute blast filming and we learned a lot. Hope you enjoy the spots! Here’s to moving on up and having a good time doing it – cheers!


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