Hipster Start-Up Offers New Hires a Year’s Supply of PBR

A new tech start-up in San Francisco is offering a few perks to their new hires. The company’s name is Hipster and if you’re hired there, your signing bonus includes $10,000, a year’s supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon, skinny jeans, Buddy Holly glasses and mustache-grooming services along with a bowtie, a bicycle and a pair of brown boots.

According to The New York Times article aptly titled “Start-up Offers New Hires $10,000, and All the Accouterments of Hipsterdom” it’s all about the fierce recruiting wars that tech companies engage in to hire and retain the best software developers and engineers.

Hipster is testing a service that allows people to post questions and answers to others in their geographic area using their smart phones. Founded back in January, they’ve already raised $1 million in funding from prominent investors including Google Ventures. The service is being tested in a few markets now but they’re actively looking for a team that will help them expand.

Apparently the campaign has been successful so far, bringing in applicants from rivals like Google, Twitter, SalesForce, Oracle and AOL.

My question is, who determines how much PBR qualifies as a year’s supply?


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  • Darren July 15, 2011 @ 11:02am

    For me, one can of PBR represents a lifetime supply because I’ll never drink it!

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