Thank You for the Huddle!

Here at KegWorks, the offices and cubicles are abuzz with talk of football. (Tis the season, after all!)

I will probably be shunned for admitting this, but I myself am not a rabid fan. To be honest, my fair-weather fandom sports of choice are rugby, quickly followed by hockey. There’s just something intrinsic to both of my choices that make them seem more grassroots, less "corporate," and significantly more fun. It’s probably the sheer brutality of those sports or the genuine camaraderie with which the players participate.

I acknowledge that I can’t really participate in water cooler chat of football player stats or team standings. I’m only slightly embarrassed to mention to you that I don’t really know the difference between the AFC and NFC. I know, I know… that’s probably considered completely un-American, isn’t it? I do know that when Hannah reads this, I’ll probably get a quick "101" lesson. 😉

Gallaudet Football TeamWhat I can add to all this talk of football is a bit of trivia:

Did you know that the huddle was an invention of a Deaf football player?

The huddle was invented by a Deaf player named Paul Hubbard, the quarterback for Gallaudet University’s Bisons, back in 1894. The Bisons needed a way to prevent the opposing team from seeing the strategic plays being communicated amongst the Gallaudet team members who communicate using sign language. The huddle was born!

Gallaudet University continues its reputation as the world’s premiere liberal arts university for the deaf and the hearing-impaired.



  • Pete September 17, 2008 @ 8:14am

    Ed, don’t feel so bad. I don’t know much or care about football either. All my limited fair weather sports attention will be occupied by hockey once the Sabres start their season October 10th. Can’t wait!!!

  • Hannah September 17, 2008 @ 8:16am

    BOYS! Football is a chess match between gladiators! What’s not to love?

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