Holiday-Worthy Cocktail: The Blackberry Bramble

Sure, you can pick up a few bottles of wine and choice beers, in fact I recommend you do, but I also advise having an easy-to-make cocktail that’s worth serving to holiday guests. You don’t have to go crazy, mixing up drinks touting 12+ ingredients, but offering friends and family something other than a rum and cola wouldn’t be a bad idea.

We’ve got three rad, easy-to-master cocktail recipes to ramp up your holiday and earn you some serious respect.

Blackberry Bramble Cocktail

Today’s Feature:   The Blackberry Bramble

You’ll Need: 1½ oz gin
1 lime (juiced and as garnish)
6 blackberries
1½ oz simple syrup
4 – 6 oz tonic water
A muddler
A rocks glass
A cocktail shaker or mixing glass
Crushed ice

Get the full recipe here, plus preparation tips to make your cocktail mixing a breeze.


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