Holidays on Tap

‘Tis the season to get ready for the holidays! Your decorations are up, your holiday parties are scheduled, your tree/ candles/ whatever else is making your house look festive. Now about those parties. Are you really going to entertain your guests with that kegerator that you haven’t cleaned in years?

Chrome Snake Draft Beer Tower

At least buff it up. These metal polishing cloths are a great way to spruce up your neglected kegerator tower, or if that just won’t cut it, there are a bunch of new draft towers that look fantastic and really upgrade your bar system.

Whether you go with a modern brass axis tower, a chrome snake tower (my personal favorite), or even a standard style kegerator tower that really upgrades taste with all stainless steel contacts, you know you’ll be in a better place with your beer dispensing.

Just remember to clean your beer lines ahead of the new keg and enjoy the gift of fresh draft beer… oh and your guests will appreciate it too.

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