Holy Health-Conscious Cherry Soda! Diet Cheerwine Has Arrived!

When we started carrying Cheerwine Cherry Soda, the response was overwhelmingly great. It wouldn’t have been fair to let the folks in North Carolina keep it to themselves, so we’re more than happy to share it with the rest of the world.

While everyone else seemed just as excited, we also received some feedback asking us if we’d be carrying the diet version of the soda. Lo and behold, we’ve made it happen.

Diet Cheerwine Caffeinated Cherry Soda

This sparkling cherry pop (yep, I said “pop” – I live in Buffalo, deal.) is sweetened with aspartame-free Splenda® instead of cane sugar like the original. There are no calories or carbs, making it entirely guilt free.

Truth be told, I’m not typically a big fan of many diet drinks but since my mom was diagnosed with Diabetes I’ve been trying to be more conscious of my sugar intake. My favorites are diet sodas that don’t taste like diet sodas and Diet Cheerwine has made it onto that list along with Diet Dr. Pepper, Sprite Zero, Diet A&W and Pepsi Max.

If you’re a diet soda kind person, I suggest you try it out for yourself.


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