Home Brewers – Think You Have What It Takes?

The Eldorado Hotel Casino in Reno, NV and Food & Drink Magazine have teamed up for a home brewing contest.

If you think you have what it takes to win, submit your beer recipe and a short biography to jwright@rgj.com by May 18th. Brewmaster Greg Hench of Eldorado’s microbrewery, Brew Brothers, will choose a winning recipe to brew up on the property and serve at Eldorado’s 16th annual BBQ, Brews and Blues Festival.

Only one beer recipe entry per home brewer is allowed, so choose wisely, my friends. Be sure your entry includes your full name, city of residence, email address and daytime phone number. You may want to be sure you can hit up Reno from June 24 – 25th too, so you can taste the beer you brew alongside Greg Hench at the festival.

The only other caveat is that you have to agree to be interviewed and photographed by Food & Drink Magazine, but then, you wouldn’t mind becoming quasi-famous, now would you?

Cheers and good luck to all who enter!


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  • Brewner April 13, 2011 @ 8:59am

    Seems a little out of the ordinary for a homebrew comp, not actually having to submit any beer. Level playing field.

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