Homebrew Beer Review: Flanders Red

We had a most incredible thunder storm on Sunday. I reached out to the gentleman who sent me homebrews and asked which he recommended I ernjoy during the lightning show. On the spot, he answered “Flanders Red,” which we enjoyed together, miles apart.

Flanders Red Homebrew from Brian Gruner

Deep russet with ruby tones and a nearly non-existent head, but that may have been my fault, if the glass was not “beer clean.”

In a word, vinegar – just as it should be. Delightfully sour, in a way that opens up your nasal passages. Can barely wait to take a sip!

More sour than some others I’ve had. For example, Duchesse de Bourgogne, while having an extremely sour aroma, rounds out with quite a bit of sweetness on the palate. Brian’s Flanders Red is refreshingly sour, with a touch of white grape coming through.

Light body with medium-light carbonation. Extremely refreshing. The body smooths out nicely as the brew warms up.

Another solid homebrew from Brian Gruner. If he were to open a brewery, I’d be among his biggest advocates.


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