Homebrew Hero Brews Up a Delicious Milk Stout

Brian Gruner Oreo Milk Stout

This weekend I was in the mood for beer that’s on the sweeter side so I decided that Brian Gruner’s very own homebrewed Oreo Milk Stout would fit the bill. It couldn’t have been a more perfect choice.

Brian Gruner Oreo Milk Stout

Oreo Milk Stout poured a deep, chocolaty brown with a cafe au lait colored head that dissipated a bit quickly but left a nice ring around the glass for most of the time I enjoyed it. As I poured the brew, it didn’t seem like it would have too much body.

A light cocoa aroma is present here that gets stronger as the beer warms up.

Brian Gruner Oreo Milk Stout

Cold, Oreo Milk Stout has a fair amount of bitterness up front, laced with sweet cocoa and vanilla. As the brew warms, it becomes oh-so-much sweeter. The chocolaty cocoa is present up front with a vanilla creme brulee flavor in the finish. Really delicious.

The slightly tin looking body really starts to gain some weight as it warms up, adding a lovely silkiness to each sip.

I really enjoyed this milk stout – in fact, it’s one of my favorites to date. I think Brian should consider brewing on a larger scale (just saying).



  • brewner August 1, 2011 @ 9:06am

    thanks hannah 🙂

  • Hannah August 1, 2011 @ 9:11am

    Thank YOU, Brian!

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