Homebrew Winner Helps Create Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #10

Houston homebrewer Chris Landis won first place in the 15th annual Big Batch Brew Bash, the world’s largest single-style homebrewing competition, with his English Barleywine. [beeradvocate.com]

Big Batch Brew BashAnd now, for the 5th time in history, the winning brewer will help Saint Arnold Brewing Co. create this year’s Divine Reserve (#10), based on his winning entry. Divine Reserve #9 was a delicious Imperial Pumpkin Stout that I excitedly got to try from USA Beer Trends, unlike any pumpkin brew I’d had before. Ever since my first taste of Divine Reserve, I know I’d want to try to get my hands on every other year that comes along … I also wish I’d have a chance to enjoy that Imperial Pumpkin Stout again.

Big Batch Brew Bash winners had inspired these other four Divine Reserves in the past:

  • Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 8, Scotch Ale (2009)
  • Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 7, Weizenbock (2008)
  • Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 5, Russian Imperial Stout (2007)
  • Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 3, Double IPA (2006)

Congratulations to Chris Landis and his winning brew – we hope brewing with the crew at Saint Arnold will be a dream come true.


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