Homebrewing Oak-Infused Spirits Got Easier

I hope winemakers’ and home brewers’ ears everywhere are pricking up over our newest additions to our homebrew section: Oak Infusion Spirals for Beer and Wine.

Oak Spirals for Flavor Infusion in Beer and Wine

In only 6 weeks (as opposed to a long 8 months of clean barrel aging) you can give your beer or wine a medium toast, oak aroma and flavor, with far less mess than using oak chips. The oak infusion spirals are available in American Oak and French Oak varieties, depending on which flavors and aromas you’re looking to achieve.

Oak Infusion Spirals for Beer and Wine:

  • Are void of sapwood, bark and knots
  • Are air-dried for 24 months
  • Feature a shape that accelerates flavor and aroma extraction
  • Offer less tannins and more bouquet, for an oak-rich aroma instead of only overbearing flavor
  • Fully flavor 6 gallons of beer or wine (3 gallons per stick) in just 6 weeks

Try your hand at oak-infusion into your own home brewed beer or wine, starting at just $8.95!


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