Hops & Grain Near Ready to Brew

Thanks to USABeerTrends, I’ve got a new update on the status of Hops & Grain Brewery in Austin, TX. Their brewhouses are ready, fermentors and grain mill are in place, gas and water lines are ready to go and their nearly ready to begin brewing.

They expect to have their full tasting room, crafted from 150-year-old reclaimed long leaf pine, finished by next week and, if all goes as planned, they’ll be brewing their first batch of beer by next weekend. Hops & Grain is even creating a trailer so that two to three kegs of beer can be transported, via bicycle or vespa, to beer events, markets and the like.

Hops andGrain Brewery Trailer

The craft beer scene in Texas has been growing leaps and bounds these past few years and every time I hear of a new startup down there, I can’t help but get excited. Almost every craft beer I’ve had from the great state has been a noteworthy one and, because breweries in Texas don’t yet have the ability to distribute far and wide, advocates continue to push and work toward such rights. Texas is even beginning to see more craft and imported brews in their stores and pubs. What a wondrous time it is to be a beer lover.

Cheers to Hops & Grain Brewery and to all the advocates of better beer in Texas!


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