House Party 101

I’ve been invited to several different BYOB events that friends are having at their homes. With our economy, everyone is trying to save a buck but still enjoy their weekends after a long work week.

Some events are very basic; you know – those plain red or blue plastic cups and pour-at-your-own-risk bottles of spirits. One gathering even had, what I would consider to be, the very first ever made wine bottle opener. The strongest guy in the house could not pull that cork out. So, the wine drinkers were force to indulge in real adult beverages.

In a few weeks it will be my turn to host an event. Having an inside advantage working at KegWorks, along with a healthy competitive ego, I’m convinced that mine will be the best yet…and, I will get a chance to show off some of the cool items we have here at KegWorks.

First, I will make sure that I have several Cork Pops Wine Bottle Openers Engravable Plastic Beer Mugsalong with plenty of Refill Cartridges. Don’t want those wine drinkers to be out of their element around us true drinkers.

I will also have some classy, but still plastic, glasses for us to sip from. plastic pilsner glasses for my beer guys, and disposable martini glasses for the sophisticated ones in the crowd.

I’ll be showing off my personalized Scandinavian beer mugs (even though I won’t be drinking beer), but hey, they have my name on them and it’s my party – I can do what I want to. Did I just date myself with that verse? I’ll even have 2-ounce shot glasses and flip-top measured liquor pourers on top of every liquor bottle so everyone can pour the perfect drink.

With all of the cocktail mixers KegWorks has, from Fee Brothers to Peychauds, I’ll have my crowd feeling like they are at a high class bar enjoying old fashion cocktails.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I bet none of my friends have a slate cheese tray…Ha!


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