Houston Beer Fest Oversells Its Venue by 8000 Tickets

I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that the craft beer scene in Texas is growing exponentially but DAMN! The venue for Houston’s recent beer fest was to hold 12,000 attendees, yet somehow, 20,000 tickets were sold. Houston Beer Fest 2011 20,000 attendees! They lined up for blocks waiting just to get into the festival, not to mention the ridiculously long lines for each vendor, according to blogs.houstonpress.com. While I’m excited to see so very many people taking interest in craft beer in Houston, I can’t help but wish the tickets hadn’t been oversold. No one should endure lines that long in heat like Houston’s, ever. Hopefully event planners next year can find a larger venue or at least keep to their prescribed cap. [techtags:HOUSTON BEER FEST]

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