How KegWorks Does the Holidays

KegWorks Christmas Tree TopperWhen I landed a job here at KegWorks, I was in slight disbelief. Not too many people get to make their living writing about beer and bars. The office culture around here isn’t exactly typical either. Without sounding like a total butt-kisser, I must say that we’ve got a pretty good situation going on. Workplace drama is limited (which may have something to do with the fact that approximately 90% of our personnel is male) and being awesome is a strict requirement for employment, so most everyone is pretty chill. Being that it’s my first holiday season here, I was excited to see how our not-so-standard office would celebrate.

KegWorks Holiday Decor

With so many men at the helm, we don’t exactly have a “decorating committee” but we do have Leg Lamp Party Lights and an awesome tree. Decorated out with booze ornaments and a handmade Kevin and Paul Wonder Years topper, this little guy is surrounded by a hoard of drinking elves and he certainly does a great job of greeting walk-in customers and decking our hall.

Then there are the gifts. We’ve already received tons of great stuff and feasted on wonderful lunches, with more food and festivities to come. This week, one of our vendor-friends sent a lovely holiday package that we rather enjoyed. While most offices receive pastries, chocolate or the dreaded fruitcake- we received a giant box o’ meat with a card that reads “Merry Christmas Y’all”. Not exactly common business protocol but here at KegWorks, it works and it works well.

Christmas Card from our Vendor

In fact, there’s nothing like an incredibly mantastic package of jerky, dried sausages, jalapeno peanut brittle and bacon-flavored crackers to bring some holiday cheer to an office full of hungry men. Thanks everybody!

Christmas Gift from our Vendor

This is without question our busiest time of year and in a “normal” office, “busy season” means lots of stress. Thanks to our hardworking team, keg of Christmas Ale and so much merry making, I know that we’ll all make it to New Years in good spirits.

Happy Holidays!


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