How Stella Got Her Glass Back…

Stella ArtoisAs a professional marketing guru (self proclaimed of course), I can affirm that marketing isn’t always just about making a sale. Sometimes marketing is about making a sale and sending out an important message. For example, InBev (the company behind the Belgian pilsner Stella Artois) is sending out a pretty big message with their upcoming marketing campaign. The message (intended for Stella enthusiasts across the UK) is a slightly warmer and friendlier version of “Stop stealing, ya bloody jerks!”

Stella Artois branded chalice glassware seems to be disappearing from pubs and bars across the world at an alarming rate. According to Stella representatives, nearly 400,000 of the glasses have gone missing in recent months, putting pressure on InBev to fund replacements next year. Even worse, the stolen goods are consistently being sold on eBay for close to $15 US dollars a piece.

So how does Stella plan to convince people to stop stealing? By giving the glasses away of course!

A promotion set to run in major retail supermarkets across the United Kingdom entitles consumers who buy two 20-bottle cases of the lager to one free glass.

Grand Pilsner Glasses
A spokesman for Stella Artois says: “On average, the drink stays 23% colder than when served in an average pint glass, so of course we understand why consumers want to get their hands on them. But, if you want to create the perfect pint experience at home, take part in our off-trade promotion instead of stealing them from our on-trade consumers.”

I’m anxious to find out if this promotion actually impacts the popular five-finger discount on Stella, or backfires by simply forcing the company to “give away” more glassware. Us marketing folk really are a risky bunch…

If you want to avoid bars & pubs full of thievery, the solution is simple… keep Stella on tap at home. All you’ll need is our European Sankey Coupler and some personalized Grand Pilsner Glasses – they’ll keep all of your favorite pilsners (including Stella) nice and cold and they’re personalized, so no one can accuse you of stealing them. 🙂


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  • Bobo January 18, 2008 @ 2:24pm

    Ahh, Stella the swill of Europe.

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