How to Win a Port-O-Pong

We want to give away one of these awesome floating beer pong tables. We want to have fun with it. We hope you’ll join our contest.

Win a Port-O-Pong Floating Beer Pong Table

Here’s the deal. While you’re busy celebrating the fact that summer is here, make a beer bottle, beer can or beer box creation. Red cup creations will also be considered.

It can be a tower, it can be a helmet, it can be anything you want it to be – just be creative. Take a photo of it, upload it to our Facebook page or send it our way on Twitter (@KegWorks) and we’ll reward the people who submit the coolest one(s) with a brand new beer pong raft.

To ensure we don’t have people yanking existing photos from Google, we’re asking that you write the word “KegWorks” on something (or someone) and make sure that’s included in your photo.

Here’s a very shoddy example of what we’re looking for:

Beer Cup Fortress

Do it up kids. Have fun and Happy Memorial Day! We’ll pick the winner on Tuesday at 12pm EST (once we’ve returned to the office and had enough coffee to complete such an important task.) Stay tuned for the winner.


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