Love Locks

There are a great many ways to show your love and affection for that certain someone special in your life; and the way in which people choose to do so can be as unique as the individuals themselves. Depending on the nature of the relationship, some may choose to lavish their loved ones with beautiful jewelry or dinners at exclusive restaurants. Some may write poetry or perhaps get a tattoo to express how they feel. Others are content to show their strong feeling of love with a simple, yet passionate and honest kiss…

A great many others diverge from these paths completely and create their own, truly unique way of acknowledging their deep, heart-felt feelings to their loved ones and to the world at large.

Dave (the owner of KegWorks) recently went on a trip to Eastern Europe. He would often shoot us quick emails with photos from his trip. Each day, it seemed, we were treated to some beautiful, fascinating destination or sight that few people will have the chance in their lifetime to experience.

One such email from Dave really got my attention. He was in Pécs, Hungary at the time (pronounced “Paych,” btw). The concept itself was quite strange at first sight, but as I took in the elements of the photo, I began to understand more and more with each passing moment, the true depth and meaning of this seemingly chaotic, abstract demonstration of love and affection.

Love Padlocks in Hungary

The photo was of what looked to be stacks and stacks of locks in every imaginable size, shape and configuration piled one atop the other. Further investigation revealed that all the locks that filled my screen were attached to an iron fence. Introspection revealed that each and every lock represents someone’s love and caring for someone else. Many of us here at KegWorks agree that we’d love to see this tradition wash up on the shores of Niagara Falls, the romance capital of North America.

Take a moment to check it out. It really is a sight to behold.

Of course, my inner cynic wonders what happens when love changes, say, if two people get divorced, if the couple breaks up, or some other life-changing event finds the couple moving in different directions. Do they go to the fence with bolt cutters? Do they leave the locks there because one never truly stops loving or caring for someone even if a relationship has somehow changed? I certainly can’t answer those questions myself, but I wonder if I should invest some money in a company like Master Lock or a Hungarian brewery, like Dreher. (I hear beer sometimes helps people fall in love, too).




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