I Am A Craft Beer Drinker

I Am a Craft Beer Drinker Video

You probably don’t need to be inspired to join the proud ranks of America’s craft beer drinkers. If you’re reading this blog, you likely already know your way around the ins and outs of the microbrew world, and no amount of mega-bucks advertising or uneducated peer pressure would ever cause you to break down and buy a 30 rack of MGD.

But I know there are some of you out there who feel discouraged. Some of you have been fighting the well-hopped, lovingly brewed good fight for years, and it hasn’t gotten all that much easier. You constantly show up at parties with a growler full of ethereal boozey delights, ready to share and educate, only to hear, “That’s sissy beer snob stuff. Someone toss me a Silver Bullet!”

Well I’m here to tell you to despair no longer, dear friend. Or at the very least, despair less. I’m here to remind you that despite how it sometimes seems, you are not alone. You are one amongst many, and everyday those many are becoming even more. So don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t drink beer-flavored water.

I promise, your day in the sun will come. But in the meantime, watch this video and allow yourself a four-minute reprieve to live inside a dream where craft beer is already king. Enjoy!

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  • Chad October 15, 2012 @ 7:00pm

    People nee to be willing to try different things. I have a cousin that I’m pretty close to along with her husband. I love her like a sister but it kills me a little inside to watch them both drink Michelob Ultra and Bud Light. The minute they even taste hops you can see them turn their nose at it. Sigh… eventually I’ll find one that they like.

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