I Know What I Want in a Bar

The StillwaterI recently proclaimed that a local establishment was my “absolute favorite bar ever.” A friend asked me why I like this one particular place better than the hundreds of other options in the greater Buffalo area and I gave him a couple of solid reasons, but upon further consideration I have rationalized my feelings and I’d like to share them with all of you.

This bar (my favorite bar) truly exemplifies my ideal drinking atmosphere. There are always plenty of new people, so it isn’t boring. At the same time you don’t feel crowded or claustrophobic. Such a dynamic makes it easy to order a drink and find your way to the bathroom and I’m all about ease when it comes to those often difficult feats. There are several dartboards, the jukebox is phenomenal and “the game” is always on. I’d describe it as a “chill bar” for “chill people.” They have a great selection of draft beer, every kind of liquor you could ever want and all of these things are moderately priced. They serve drinks in the glassware they’re meant to be served in and their décor is classy and fun, all at the same time.

Next time you’re out and you love a place, take a moment to think about why it is so enjoyable. You just might end up with a few ideas for your own home bar.


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