Help! KegWorks is Torturing Me!

Why else would they put this…

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Topping

…in the same building as me?! We have really gone to town with stocking new ice cream supplies and equipment. I expected that we would carry storage coolers, stands and scoop type items, but I never expected to see this:

M and Ms Ice Cream Topping

I have been a candy junkie my whole life. It’s definitely not a secret. My employers and fellow colleagues know that I have a problem based solely on the number of visits to the candy machine in the lobby. With all of these amazing new toppings in stock, I’m left with only one option; I must abandon the diet and go on an ice cream and candy-topping rampage!

We all know that one of the signs of winter’s end here in Buffalo is when the local ice cream places re-open their doors for another season. Unfortunately, the one right down the street from me is still all boarded up with no immediate signs of opening. It can’t be too long now but I’m still tempted to take matters into my own hands! Now that we have all of this ice cream stuff just a minutes walk away from my desk, I think it’s time to bring spring!

Yep, I’ve officially decided to get my own ice cream set up. Thanks guys! I hope you are willing to get me a bigger office chair soon. I’m going to need it.


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  • Hannah April 10, 2009 @ 12:30pm

    damn, those look good. think i’ll have to treat myself to a birthday ice cream 🙂

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