Plucked From the Vodka Tree


Around the office I think everyone knows how I feel about my vodka, even wrote a blog post about it.

And now I’ve found a Vodka Bar. Nice cozy lil spot in the Allentown area of good old Buffalo, called Scarlet.

They actually have a Vodka Tree! Now when I first saw these small vines growing up the wall behind the bar I thought, hey that’s cool. And me being nosy, just had to ask what it was all about. So the owner tells me that’s just his unique way to display different vodkas. And this bar has over 50.

Premium Vodkas

Wanting to act like a big shot, I asked for a shot from the top of the tree. One would think the best would be at the top, right. Well not at Scarlet’s! Even if you ask for their best vodka, you will get 3 to 4 different opinions.

I ended up trying about 4 different brands from 360 to Bong to Tito’s. But my favorite was ICE Vodka. Right away you can tell just from the bottle, it’s different. The bottle was as thick as glass block windows with a tint. This vodka is being pitched as filtered 10 times through activated carbon and diamonds. Yes, diamonds. Not sure how the hell diamonds would effect anything during the filtration process, but I can tell you this. It was the best damn vodka I ever tasted in my life. Dangerous how easy it goes down. I didn’t even know it was vodka, really!

If you’re like me, not only do you judge vodka by how it goes down, but also by how you feel the next morning. If I wake up and I’m good, the vodka was good. We won’t go into how many I had that night, but I woke up and made it to work with my normal morning crankiness. No ill effects from the previous night indulgence.

I searched the internet for this newly found treasure, only to learn that it will not be available to consumers until 2010. Doesn’t even say when in 2010? How they gonna tease a brotha and leave him hanging? That’s not right at all.

Hey if anyone out there finds it hit me up here at KegWorks (877 636 3673), and ask for Will. Hey maybe I’ll come have a drink witcha. In the meantime, you can find me at Scarlet. They have ½ price specials on Tuesdays and Jazz on Wednesdays.

Boss Man, need more PTO.


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  • Ali November 4, 2009 @ 8:19am

    I want YOUR job! 🙂

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