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When I began working at KegWorks 4 years ago, the company almost exclusively ran on Macs. That was my first experience with Apple products of any kind. Now, I am hooked. One of my favorite Apple purchases was the iPhone. On top of its many phenomenal functions, it is host to web apps. These are Internet-based sites that utilize the iPhone’s touch screen capabilities to navigate or play. Here are some of my favorite web apps for wining and dining.

These are great wine-and-dine related apps:

iPhone Web AppsMobile Wine List is functional and looks great whether you’re at your desktop or on your mobile.

Here is a mobile Drink Recipe App.

Need something to do? Try Earth Comber to find fun things in your area.

What about splitting up the bill on a big dinner? Here’s Tip Calc.

Or, just take your favorite website wherever you go.

For these and many other web applications, check out Apple’s Web App section.

I’m Shane, and I approve this message.
(All images displayed in this post are from www.apple.com)


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