In the Waiting Line

When I first heard and thought of the phrase “crowd control,” the first image conjured in my mind was something like what you see in the picture below – security forces pumping teargas into a crowd or perhaps hosing them down with high pressure water.

Hose Water Crowd ControlFortunately, there’s more than one way to control the crowds lining up at your front door – and while “Tiny,” your bouncer does an excellent job checking IDs, you need to keep the patrons waiting to get in to your über-chic, well-oiled machine of a club from spilling out into the streets.

Even though we all have conjured ideas of trendy young adults waiting in lines behind velvet ropes to get into your fine establishment, crowd control doesn’t strictly apply to the bar scene. In fact, not a day goes by without us being controlled in one way or another…

You see them in airports – those infamous tape-style zigzagging lines that snake you to the next available agent. You’ve seen them on parade routes – those utilitarian-bike-rack-looking doodads that make little kids look like they’re in jail. You’ve been kept in line by them while waiting to buy tickets – or, as even on TV, to keep the paparazzi at bay during countless red carpet events and award ceremonies.

Crowd Control Barriers

And we’ve got it all! Whatever your crowd control needs might be*, whatever type of crowd you need to keep in line, we are here to help you out. Just give our friendly customer service agents a call and we can hook you up.

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*teargas sold separately**

**btw, we don’t really sell teargas, but its use is entirely up to you. I mean, if your place of business is that popular (or that rowdy) that you need to use teargas, more power to ya! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it because, as you well know or guessed, spraying people in the face isn’t exactly the way to go about getting repeat business. Still, use of teargas for the purpose of this blog—for effect—is kinda funny, huh? Honestly though, we want you to feel like you have to beat the crowds back and to be prepared for when you do!



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