Incredible Beer Fetching Dog Is Also Energy Efficient

I’m a dog lover through and through. Canines weren’t just handed the nickname “man’s best friend,” they earned it. Dogs are smart, they’re loyal and they really do enhance our lives. I’ve had smart dogs and I’ve seen incredibly well trained dogs do amazing things. Never, ever before have I witnessed a dog like this. Watch as Peach, the dog, disposes of an empty beer, fetches his master a new beer from the fridge, carries it to him upright and then goes back to close the refrigerator door. I’m not just impressed, I’m in awe. [techtags:VIDEO, DOG FETCHING BEER, DOG BEER VIDEO]

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  • Adolf May 21, 2010 @ 6:58pm

    Awesome!! I’d like to see a cat try that, lol.

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