Instagate is A Tailgater’s Dream Come True

For those of you who don’t know, we take tailgating (and homegating) very seriously here at KegWorks. Not only do we have an entire category dedicated to the art of tailgating, we also have a separate site we’re working on as I write this. This site will most certainly become your headquarters for everything tailgating – from perfect parking lot eats and drinks, to tips, hacks, and the tailgating gear needed to become the envy of all your fellow fans and friends. More to come on that in the coming weeks – you’ll want to stay tuned.

KegWorks Tailgating

A couple of KegWorkers, including yours truly, tailgating a couple of weeks back…

Today, however, I’m here to talk about something else. I’m here to talk about a Kickstarter campaign that caught my eye a couple of weeks back. It’s called “Instagate: Tailgate In A Box.”

Instagate Tailgate in a Box

Instagate Tailgate in a Box in action

Instagate combines all of your tailgate and barbecue essentials into one easy, affordable, and eco-friendly product. Included in each Instagate is a grill, cooler, 3 grilling tools, a lighter/bottle opener, two ping (beer) pong balls, a table, 10 sets of utensils, 12 cups, 10 plates, 20 napkins, 20 condiment packets, and a couple of disposable compost bags.

Instagate Tailgate in a Box components

Yeah. That’s for real. Watch the video below for more on all of the features. They’ve got 9 days left on the campaign, and although they’ve already hit their $25,000 goal, you can still benefit from contributing. Pledging $49 or more will get you your own Instagate by the time December comes around. That’s $20 below the estimated retail value, and truthfully, if you split it between you and your parking lot pals, you’re looking at about $5-$10 apiece.

Until the Instagate becomes officially available, you know where to get the rest of your gear! Check out our full selection of Tailgating Gear here. And remember to look out for our new Tailgating site, coming to a device near you in the next couple of weeks!

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