Who Needs Evolution When There’s KegWorks?

We’re pros when it comes to shipping our products to the US and Canada — but if you’re craving a little bit of KegWorks anywhere else in the world, you’ll need to contact us directly so we can make special shipping arrangements for you. It’s still easy; we just want to make sure that we get it right, so you get your stuff when you need it.

We have an International Contact Form right on the site. Customers just fill in the fields on that form to let us know what they want to order and where it needs to go. Our team then finds the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the order out and everyone’s happy.

I dont even have a way to explain this imageMost international shipping inquires go something like this:

“Is it possible for you to send 10 sets of these Stainless Steel Spoon Straws to Great Britain by next month?

However, we recently received an inquiry that really stood out.

Our friend Luke from New South Wales, Australia wanted to order a couple Rum Runner Plastic Drink Flasks and this is what he wrote:

Hi guys,

Me and a bunch of my mates have a festival coming up soon, and I am very interested in ordering 3 x rum runner flask sets, with possibly a few more sets going forward.

In Australia, the innovative smuggle of alcohol is an important institute – from the lowly wombat to the giant red kangaroo, they are endowed with pouch like attachments for the smuggle of grog (and sometimes their young?) – we humans are an introduced species down here, and are yet to evolve to compete with the likes of (bastard) wombats – they are winning the race!!! Help us!!!

Could you please let me know if these can be sent to Australia

Thanks Heaps!

We were absolutely thrilled to send Luke his flasks and he was kind enough to let us share his email with all of you. So, in case you can’t tell – we love fun customers and we’re always up for a good laugh.

Thanks Luke!


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