Introducing The Keg Style Stainless Steel Growler

keg style stainless steel growler

Here at KegWorks, we pride ourselves on our growler selection. We’ve got classic clear glass growlers, amber growlers, stainless steel, ceramic, and a number of accessories to complement these glorious vessels.

Today, I bring you something seriously special in the growler department – the Keg Style Stainless Steel Growler.

This bad boy holds the standard 64 ounces of brew, but it’s shaped like a miniature beer keg. How cool is that?

Keg Style Growler and Cap

The stainless steel construction gives this growler all the usual benefits that come with stainless – it’s unbreakable, keeps your beer colder longer, and protects it from the nasty effects of sunlight. In addition, this particular growler is specially designed to withstand high carbonation levels, making it a perfect vessel for force carbonating homebrew. Oh yeah, and it also makes a great gift for any beer lover.

Need I say more? I don’t think so. Go get yours now.

If you’re in need of a growler, but for some reason, this one doesn’t do it for you, check out our complete line of growlers here.

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  • Jim August 26, 2015 @ 7:14pm

    Please advise if you sell a pump style tap for the “Keg Style Stainless Steel Growler” 64 oz. ???

    • Caleb Houseknecht August 27, 2015 @ 9:43am

      Unfortunately, we do not Jim. You’re looking for a tap for the growler?

      • Kristen November 14, 2015 @ 1:53pm

        I am looking for a growler with a keg tap. Do any of your products have that?

  • Tracy G December 17, 2015 @ 7:28pm

    Can I still order one and get delivery in time for Christmas?

  • RB May 12, 2016 @ 4:11pm

    I’m thinking of getting one to make a custom oil tank for an old Triumph motorcycle. Is the tank single or double walled?

  • Chris August 10, 2016 @ 3:19pm

    Are the caps standard 38-400 ?

  • Nathan Martin August 2, 2018 @ 6:43am

    This is a valuable blog written by you and it’s great. Keep writing such an effective article.

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