Introducing Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout: The World’s First Beer Made with Real Snow

Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout Rcipe Pack

We’ve all had enough of this winter (is it still “this winter?” I guess for some it is. I mean, in Buffalo, we got 5 inches of snow on Saturday night).

Anyhow, we’ve all had enough if it. It’s been long. It’s been cold. It’s been snowy. But what about all that snow? Do we let it melt and fade away from our roads, our lawns, our memories? Well, we could, but here at KegWorks, we wanted to do something different with a bit of it, something to honor and remember this winter and all of the joys, sorrows, and headaches it brought with it.

And thus, we give you the Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout Homebrew Ingredient Kit. You read that right. We’ve created a homebrew ingredient kit that not only represents the brutal winter of 2014, but incorporates ingredients that came directly from it. For starters, each kit comes with a 5-gallon bucket of snow collected throughout the winter and kept in our temperature-controlled warehouse to maintain its frozen form.

The hops used in the Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout were grown in various potholes throughout Western New York. It sounds crazy, but it’s not. Hops grow vertically, and anyone who lives in or around Western New York knows, we have no shortage of deep potholes.

Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout

In addition to the pothole hops and blizzard snow, there’s another ingredient that makes the Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout extra special – road salts. That’s right. We partnered with snow removal professionals – and the suppliers they work with – to get our hands on a large supply of untreated road salts. These crystals add a sharp bite to the stout which works to balance the bitterness of the pothole hops and the acidity of the snow.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at the Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout, head on over to the product page or click on the image below and throw one in your cart. Please note that depending on your chosen shipping method and destination, the snow may arrive as water, but we guarantee that it left our warehouse in its original flakey form.

Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout

This winter may be gone, but it will never be forgotten. Not if we have anything to say about it.

Get your Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout Recipe Pack today.

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