Introducing the Stella Artois Chalice Beer Glass


At this point, we hope you know how important it is to use the right glass for your beer. I mean, its a gospel that we preach pretty much on the reg, you know?

But today, I’m very proud to announce the latest addition to our lineup of proper beer glassware. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the newest member of the KegWorks family: the officially licensed Stella Artois Chalice!


We’re sure you’ve seen this bad boy before. Stella has gone to great lengths to associate the elegance of the chalice with their beloved brew. In fact, here’s what they have to say about it:

In order to perfectly enjoy the unique taste and beauty of Stella Artois, we created the Chalice, instead of merely a glass. The Chalice is designed so that every curve serves a discrete purpose to how Stella Artois should be enjoyed.

The authentic shape of the body encourages the perfect balance of C02 and liquid, enhancing head retention and flavor. The angles at the bottom cause a wave that works in harmony with the liquid alchemy. The stem provides a means to hold the chalice so that the Stella Artois stays cold longer and it’s embellished with a star to honor our history.

All of these details, however small, make a big impact on the flavor and experience, giving everyone the opportunity to taste a proper Stella Artois.

Sounds pretty good to us! Order your Stella Artois Chalice (sold in a convenient two-pack so you can sip in style with a lucky friend or loved one) today!

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