Introducing the KegWorks Movember Team


Lovely word, right? It slides off your tongue like a pat of warm butter gliding across a pancake. Such grace, such beauty, such gentleness. And the object itself? Gracing the lip of a random passerby and quietly announcing “Hello there friend. If you need me to tame a wild animal with nothing but my bare hands and my ferocious resolve, just let me know.”? It’s majestic.

So, yeah, you could say that we’re fans. (I mean, have you seen these glasses?) Naturally, that makes us fans of Movember as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Movember is the global charity movement that calls for men to grow and groom moustaches for the month of November.

Why moustaches? Because moustaches bring people together. They start conversations. When people see a big, brazen ‘stache chilling out on someone’s lip, they just have to say something about it. And then it’s, “Oh my moustache? Yeah, thanks, I’m growing it to help raise the profile of men’s health. On average, men die five years younger than women and for whatever reason, they’re also less likely to acknowledge that routinely going to the doctor and being a proactive caretaker of one’s own health is a good idea.” Boom. Seed of change planted.

So in the words of KegWorks Movember team founder Brad McRae (the gentleman in the “stylish” sunglasses below): “Hey, we definitely need to do Movember.” Yes, we do Brad. Yes, we do. Below is our group shot and an individual moustache shot for each participant. Of course you’ll see a wide variety of ‘staches, ranging from barely there to “Is that a moustache or a dead caribou?” But you know what else you’ll see? A bunch of dudes committed to doing something good. I think that’s something we can all get behind.

If you’d like to contribute to our team (with all money going directly to Movember and then onwards to the programs that Movember contributes to and funds), please visit our page here:

Movember - Budzo

“I read the phone book for fun.”

Movember - Collin

“Want to get a Fluffernutter sandwich?”

Movember - Crehan

“Mmmmm. Black licorice!”

Movember - Ernie

“Shaving is for squares.”

Movember - Frost

“There’s a typo in my sign. It’s supposed to read: Troll Ride.”

Movember - Kevy

“I’m ugly!”

Movember - McRae

“Oh, you saw a drawing of me at the post office? Weird.”

Movember- Housecat

“I’ve been growing this ‘stache for 17 days.”

Movember- Tim

“Who needs friends when you have cats. Lots and lots of cats.”

Movember - Team

The KegWorks Movember team (not pictured: Tim, the awesome dude whose picture is just above this one)

Again, we’re happy to be the impetus for any contributions to this very worthy cause. Please visit our page here: and give what you can. Thanks a bunch.

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