Introducing the Little Tablet with Big Cleaning Power

Clean Growlers are the best growlers

It’s that time of year. Spring Fever has officially hit us all. With the long, snowy hibernation seemingly behind us, we are now ready to plant some flowers, watch the trees start to bloom, and get our homes ready for the warmer weather. Unfortunately, it’s also time to clean.

While no one loves cleaning, it’s a great way to get a fresh start on summer. Cleaning your growlers and home brewing equipment should be no exception. As the days get longer and the warmth settles in, we all become much thirstier for a cold brew. And I think it’s safe to guess that you weren’t focused on cleaning your brewing equipment this winter. After shoveling piles of snow (at least in Buffalo) who wants to do more work? No one.

With sunnier days and camping season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for growler, keg, and carboy cleaning. So this is our Public Service Announcement to all brewers and drinkers alike – we are talking to you, and we have a message that should make you very happy. What if we told you that you never had to brush-clean these vessels ever again?

kevin hart meme


We know, you’re just as shocked as Kevin Hart, but we aren’t playing around.  Behold the magic powers of Craft Meister Tablets in two simple tasks: drop a couple tablets into your filthy Growler or Carboy, add hot water, and witness a cleaning miracle right before your eyes!

Craft Meister Beer Growler Cleaning Tablets – $9.99


Easy to use, this container comes with 25 growler-sized cleaning tablets.  Use one tablet if your growler is  “normal dirty” and two if you wouldn’t want your worst enemy drinking from it.

Craft Meister Keg and Carboy Cleaning Tablets -$11.99


Similar to the Growler Tablets, you should add one tablet to a carboy or keg that’s “normal dirty” and two tablets for one that’s extremely dirty.  This set comes with 30 tablets and should keep your gear clean for plenty of future brew days.

Cleaning is a pain, but drinking and brewing beer from nasty equipment is worse. Procrastinate on the harder stuff to clean this spring and focus on the more important items – your beer supplies.   

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