Introducing the NEW Watermelon Keg Kit


We’re pretty into tapping fruit here at KegWorks. We’ve got the Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit, the Pumpkin Tap Kit, and now, we’ve just added the Watermelon Keg Kit.

Watermelon Keg Box

Watermelon Keg Kit

This handy kit comes with everything you need to turn an ordinary watermelon into a drink-dispensing wonder keg.

The plastic shank and faucet assembly (seen below) works like an ordinary draft faucet, dispensing a super smooth pour of whatever libation you put in your watermelon.


The new Watermelon Keg Kit differs from our deluxe option in three major ways:

1.) The new kit comes with an amazingly handy coring tool to cut a perfect hole in your hollowed-out watermelon.

2.) It’s made from plastic, while the Deluxe Kit is made from stainless steel. The assembly in the Keg Kit is still super sturdy, and more than capable of dispensing your chosen beverage.

Watermelon Keg vs. Deluxe Watermelon Tap Assembly

3.) It costs $10 less than the Deluxe Kit.

Assembling your watermelon keg is really easy. All you need – in addition to the kit – is a watermelon of your choosing, a large kitchen knife, a wooden spoon, a bowl, and whatever drink you choose to serve. Check out the sheet below  for step by step instructions (this sheet is also included when you order the kit).

Watermelon Keg Instruction Sheet

Click to Enlarge

As far as filling your finished keg goes, it’s really up to you! We suggest a fruity cocktail, but if you’re serving children, soda or juice will work as well. Keep your eyes on our Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts in the following weeks, as we’ll be uploading recipes and other fun pics with the hashtag #WatermelonKeg.

And if you end up making one of your own, be sure to send us a pic, or upload images to your own social networks with the #WatermelonKeg hashtag. We’d love to hear about any creative recipes as well! Happy Summer, everyone!

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